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but like, for real this time



[ we'd like to apologize to the academy ]

Last year, Adult Swim handed us the keys to Rick and Morty’s social account and we. went. wild; creating as much weird shit as we could, while we could, just because we could. It’s really that simple.

But because business is business, we pretended as if there were some grand, cohesive vision binding it all together… There wasn’t.

So this year, we’re going to be honest about the process… now that we have one.

We’re sorry for lying to you, but if you take us back, we promise it will never happen again.


[ the team ]

Years before “community-building” was a branding buzzword, Adult Swim had cultivated a real community of die-hard fans who rallied around the network’s singular artistic voice. A voice which screamed: “F*ck being normal."


That’s the community in which our team grew up, and the ethos which guides us still.


[the strategy]

We focused on making the most abnormal original content we could… And holy crap, did we make a lot of it.


We spent a lot of time looking inward. We’re die-hard fans; what are the common experiences we share? What relics from our childhoods and teenage years can we mine for nostalgia? How can we subvert expectations, tap into memories, and topple the pedestals of pop culture? What weird shit can we make just because it’s cool?

[ the goods ]

From reskinning a classic video game to dissecting fan-favorite Adult Swim characters, we mined the nostalgia of our childhoods, subverted expectations, and threw stones at the artifice of the social media landscape. Here are some of the top-performing posts from 2022. 

Adult Swim Solitaire
Smiling Friends 3D Animation

[ what the fans thought ]

trust this guy

[the results]

The stats proved the method of our madness. By looking inward, trusting our creative guts, and adopting a no f*cks given approach to content creation we were able to authentically connect with Adult Swim's core fanbase of wild weirdos, kooky creatives, immature intellectuals, and dorks.


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